• WASD/Arrow Keys: Move the character and menu items in Pieces of Eight Blackjack. 
  • J/Enter: Confirm and select options. 

If you have trouble running the web version, try refreshing the page. Also, there's executable files for Windows and MacOS below. 

Wishing Well/Pieces of Eight Blackjack: With the gold coins you acquire in the dungeon, you can go to the wishing well and gamble for more. Instead of 21, the target is 8. And there's only two "cards", one or two. The deck has an even number of both types of coins/cards. Hit allows you to flip another coin to add 1 or 2 to your total. Stay keeps you at your current total, while the computer tries to get a better score. 2X will double down your bet, and you can get 1.5 times the usual reward, rounded up. 

If you find yourself stuck in Blackjack, make sure to finish the round first (both players at 0). This will allow you to exit.


This game is a mashup of Frogger (the log platforms) and Blackjack (using collected coins to bet and win more). It also has the set collection mechanic from Pac-Man.  The game's style is derived heavily from the old GameBoy handhelds, from the sound to the graphics. Made in 5 days during the 8-Bits to Infinity Mashup Jam

Take a good look at the demo may find some mushy secrets (2 mushrooms to find).


  • DragonColaMusician and Playtester. Made all of the tunes found in our OST below. 
  • StephenKairosProgrammer, Artist, and Designer.
  • Joshua McLeanFounder and coordinator for the 8-Bits to Infinity Jam Org. Jam provided inspiration.
  • codeman38: Open source asset for text font (Press Start 2P).


  • May 11th, 2019: Added reset functionality for the Blackjack portion.


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Push It 1 MB
Push It v1.0 - Patched (Windows).zip 12 MB
Push It v1.0 - Patched (MacOS).zip 14 MB


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Is there any chance you could enable "fallback to GLES 2.0?" I can't run the game without getting the outdated graphics card error.

Watch 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Mashup Jam Feedback Part 1/2 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

I am agree with the other comment, this game look so cool. Yes it work and it was fun.

(I have make a game me too :

Beautiful game and yeah, definitely looks expansible.

One issue for me is having to wait for the coin animations during the Blackjack portion. They make the experience sluggish!